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Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurial Spirit?


Business related to Low Intensity Shockwaves Treatment, initially focused on Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU).


Linear Shockwaves (Renova, http://www.direxgroup.com/renova.html ) have become the leading technology for ED treatment.    

MoreNova has been recently introduced for providing Renova-like Linear Shockwaves treatment (http://www.direxgroup.com/morenova.html ).

MoreNova is configured to incorporate a linear version of the patented Large Area Shockwaves Technology (LAST).   

LAST key-features include:

  • Simultaneous shockwaves application to the whole treated area
  • Self-treatment by supervised patients in and/or out of Clinic
  • Dedicated applicators for a variety of applications.

An exclusive contract for implementing rental-based Business Plan


Please provide detailed background and a signed confidentiality form (attached).